Web frontend for serverless TTS - synchronous version

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Below we've some joke and quote content made available via public API:

You can listen to a text-to-speech audio clip generated from these sources below.

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Type Next Player Text
Ron Swanson quotes API (source data)
SV443 JokeAPI (source data)
icanhazdadjoke.com (source data)
Quote Garden API (source data)

To get a new joke or quote, press the "load next" button. All jokes and quotes are randomly selected. If a player refuses to load (and you see HTTP 500 in the console) - the source API is unavailable at present, or my Lambda function is not completing. A 429 response means Cloudflare rate limiting has kicked in, wait a minute for this to resolve itself.

You can also try the asynchronous version

Jokes and quotes are courtesy of their respective linked sources. Feel free to check out my blog post here: ja.mesmontgomery.co.uk 👍.